When technology makes it easier for mistakes to become learning opportunities

Criticism of Blended Learning is often grounded in the false idea that it relies on computers and software to teach our children.
The reality is that technology should be there to serve the teachers and make them better at what they do best…Instruct!
In this video, Molly, one of our amazing blended learning teachers, and I are co-teaching a class during which we use socrative to collect student feedback on the spot. Having the ability to see what type of mistakes students are making on this warm up instantly allows us to have an open conversation with them on the learning opportunities behind these errors.
In other words, if I see 10 classmates making the same mistake I made, I am more likely to talk openly about it and start working on getting better.
Another interesting aspect of this video is the importance of co-teaching in multi-classroom leadership models. Building your schedule to allow for several periods of co-teaching allows teachers to have long periods of time of professional development on the job. After a full day of utilizing the different features of socrative with the MCL and the learning coach through a real lesson plan, teachers are ready to use this resource in their classroom the next day. Trial, errors, troubleshooting, modeling, everything can be done in one day and the students immediately benefit from it.



About htdcompletely

Math Multi-Classroom Leader at Ranson IB middle school. Passionate about teaching and helping others grow in their teaching practices.
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