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D’un terme a la mode a la realite, 2eme partie: L’apprentissage mixte ou hybride vu du terrain!

Quand des mots comme apprentissage mixte (ou hybride) deviennent à la mode dans le monde de l’éducation, des débats féroces s’ensuivent sur leur valeur potentielle sans pour autant que le terme ait été clairement défini. Les batailles deviennent idéologiques et … Continue reading

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From a buzz word to a reality, part 2: Blended Learning, 5 lessons from the trenches

When terms like Blended Learning become buzz words in Education, people often start engaging in fierce debates around their value without even having taken the time to define them. Ideological battles follow with little connections to the reality of these … Continue reading

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From a Buzz Word to a Reality, Part 1: What in the world is a PLN?

The world of education is constantly bombarded by buzz words. Currently, PLN and Blended Learning are probably in the top 5 of the most used words in the educational twitter-sphere. As usual, a lot of people misuse them, may that … Continue reading

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